Why are X-Rays Important at the Dentist?

Important x-rays

It’s absolutely no surprise to people that they have to have x-rays if they potentially have a broken bone, but what about a look inside your mouth? Many people may have questions about why the dentist asks them to step up to the plate each time they visit, but it turns out these x-rays are extremely important to ensure your dental care is being properly managed.

What are dental x-rays and what can they tell us?

Dental x-rays are a fantastic diagnostic tool that can assist your dentist in detecting any disease or damage that isn’t apparent to the naked eye. With the aid of x-rays, dentists can accurately detect and treat dental abnormalities, allowing them to prevent problems in the mouth rather than just react to them.

An x-ray can be used by dentists to check for a variety of conditions, including basic cavities and the degree of decay as well as gum disease, bone loss, cysts, abscesses, and other early-stage tumours. Along with missing or impacted teeth, dentists are also able to count the number of wisdom teeth that are present, providing you with quicker, more effective care.

How does a dental x-ray work?

It is very routine to have x-rays taken each time you see your dentist. These x-rays are typically done by stepping into an x-ray room. You will be required to bite down on a bite plate and the imaging will then occur around your face. At some dental practices, a panoramic x-ray machine will rotate around the circumference of your head to get a full image of all of your teeth and jaw bone. This is a fantastic way to see any irregularities you may have or diagnose any underlying issues you may not be aware of. Largely, these x-rays allow your dentist to ensure that your pearly whites are in perfect nick.

We recently installed a brand new OPG machine at our practice, and we’re delighted to be offering an even better service to our patients at Fremantle Dental Care. This machine offers a panoramic viewpoint that allows for complete transparency when it comes to reviewing your dental health on a deeper level.

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