Dental Crowns and Bridges Fremantle

Restore your teeth with our professional dental reconstruction

Over the course of our lives, our teeth get damaged, suffer wear and tear, and are lost. This is unfortunate but thankfully, professional dentistry has a series of solutions to ensure that you can maintain the integrity, colour, and shape of your smile.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution for dental challenges such as large fillings, missing or damaged teeth, or weakened tooth structure then we have just what you need. We provide dependable crowns and bridges. Dental crowns are designed to cater to individual teeth, whereas bridges are used in conjunction with a crown to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth. Contact us today to book your consultation for dental reconstruction and take the most important step to restoring your oral health, hygiene, and appearance.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a porcelain or metal tooth covering that is frequently used in dental reconstruction. The crown replaces a tooth’s shape, function, and aesthetics and is used when teeth are broken down, weak, cracked, or have large fillings. Dental crowns help prevent teeth from fracturing, particularly when teeth have had a root canal treatment.

New materials and techniques mean that we can now provide dental crown fitting that closely matches the adjacent natural teeth. If you’re looking for caps for your teeth, you’ve come to the right place.

The experienced and dedicated dentists of Fremantle Dental Care can create crowns that closely match the shape and colour of your original tooth, so the result is as natural looking as can be. What does this mean for you and your oral health? Not only does your appearance get enhanced, but the procedure of dental crown fitting also restores the tooth’s strength, effectively providing you with a brand-new appearance, more comfort, and better functioning teeth.

What is a Tooth Bridge?

A tooth bridge is a fixed dental restoration procedure. It’s a permanent solution that we offer to replace one or more missing teeth. There are different types of bridges, including some which require surrounding teeth to be prepared for a crown to carry the false tooth in a cantilever or fixed-fixed design. There are also variations where the false tooth is attached to a metal or white backing, which sticks to the back of the adjacent tooth. Teeth implants can also be used to bridge gaps, where there are no adjacent teeth present to attach to.

A bridge is anchored by two supporting teeth on either side so depending on the instance, the new tooth or teeth are comfortably fitted to the shape and contours of your mouth. We always strive for the same result we have achieved with countless clients and patients – the restoration of functionality, comfort, confidence, and your desired natural appearance.


  • Enhance the aesthetics of your smile by matching the natural colour and texture of your teeth.
  • Restoration of full dental function.
  • Dental crowns help protect weakened teeth, making them last longer.
  • A tooth bridge will close any existing gaps and ensure the distribution of pressure on your teeth is balanced and uniform.
  • The balance brought on by dental bridges can also help improve the clarity of speech.

Book an appointment today and after a detailed assessment and consultation, we’ll give you the advice and assistance you need.