Specialised Dentistry

Specialised Dentistry

Conscious IVSedation (Sleep Dentistry)*

At Fremantle Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing **pain-free dentistry. People are often put off from coming to the dentist by bad previous experiences. This gets people stuck in a vicious cycle, leading to unhealthier mouths that cause more pain and suffering.

Our dentists use gentle **pain-free techniques such as Sleep Dentistry (conscious IV sedation) to assist nervous patients.

Conscious IV sedation is a very popular service which we offer by appointment. It differs from a general anesthetic because you can still breathe on your own while asleep under the effects of the sedation drip. This is preferable to going into hospital to be ventilated by a machine.

These services allow us to undertake all dental treatments, big or small, in a stress-free and pain free manner while ensuring your comfort and safety.

To discuss the various options for **pain-free dentistry, contact the team at Fremantle Dental Care and we will be happy to help you.

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* Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceedings, you should seek a second opinion from an approximately qualified health practitioner.

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