Do You Need a Dental Filling?

While getting a dental filling may seem daunting, they’re often the solution to maintaining your oral health and keeping your smile bright. In most cases, patients leave cavities in their teeth for longer periods than ideal, resulting in follow-on discomforts, fractures increasing in size and nasty bacteria growth. 

If you are experiencing any of the systems listed below, it might be time to book an appointment at Fremantle Dental Care:


Tooth Sensitivity

Have you noticed a sudden sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, or sour foods and drinks? This could be a sign of tooth decay, a common precursor to needing a filling. When a cavity forms, it exposes the inner layers of your tooth, leading to heightened sensitivity. 


Visible Holes or Pits

Take a moment to inspect your teeth in the mirror. Do you notice any visible holes, pits, or dark spots? These could indicate decay or cavities that require attention. Even small spots can develop into larger issues if left untreated.


Pain or Discomfort

Persistent toothache or discomfort, especially when biting down or chewing, should not be ignored. These sensations can signal decay that has progressed beyond the enamel and into the deeper layers of the tooth, where nerves are located.


Visible Fractures or Chips

Accidents happen, and teeth can chip or fracture due to trauma. However, these seemingly minor incidents can create pathways for bacteria to enter and cause decay. If you notice any chips or fractures, it’s essential to seek dental care promptly.


Localised Bad Breath

While bad breath can have various causes, persistent foul breath emanating from a specific tooth could indicate decay. Bacteria thrive in the crevices of cavities, releasing odorous byproducts that contribute to halitosis.


Changes in Tooth Appearance

Keep an eye out for any changes in the appearance of your teeth, such as white spots or staining. These can be early signs of decay and may necessitate the placement of a dental filling to prevent further damage.


Previous Fillings Need Replacement

If you have existing dental fillings, they may degrade over time due to wear and tear or recurrent decay around the filling margins. Regular dental check-ups are crucial for monitoring the condition of existing fillings and identifying the need for replacements.


How Do Our Dentists Assess Whether A Filling Is Needed?

When you visit our clinic, our experienced dentists conduct a thorough examination to assess whether a filling is necessary. This assessment typically involves a visual inspection of your teeth, supplemented by diagnostic tools such as dental X-rays to detect decay not visible to the naked eye. We’ll also discuss any symptoms or concerns you may have, allowing us to form a comprehensive understanding of your oral health. By combining our expertise with state-of-the-art technology, we can accurately determine the presence and extent of decay, enabling us to recommend the most appropriate course of action tailored to your individual needs. Your comfort and well-being are paramount to us, and we strive to make the assessment process as informative and stress-free as possible.

Remember, detecting these signs early can prevent the need for more extensive dental procedures down the line. At Fremantle Dental Care, we prioritise preventive care and aim to address dental issues in their earliest stages whenever possible.

Let’s ensure your oral health remains a top priority!


If you are unsure whether it’s time to pay us a visit, give us a call and let us know what symptoms you’re experiencing, or book an appointment

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