Why You Should Use Mouthwash (And How To Pick a Good One!)


Mouthwash can help you maintain healthy dental hygiene when used alongside brushing and flossing. Here’s how to pick a good one!

Does mouthwash actually do anything?

Quite often we hear patients mention that they’ve heard mouthwash doesn’t actually do anything for your teeth. The good news is, that’s not true – mouthwash can help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

What isn’t true is that mouthwash can act as a replacement for brushing or flossing. Almost all food, bacteria and plaque is removed from your teeth with a toothbrush – so if you skip that vital step, your mouthwash won’t be much use!

However, if you use mouthwash as the third part of your dental routine behind a good brush and a daily floss, you’re likely to see a reduction in plaque and gingivitis.

How do I pick a good mouthwash?

So! Now that you’re on board and keen to incorporate rinsing into your routine – it’s time to pick one to stick with. The only thing is, not all mouthwashes are appropriate for all people.

If you prefer a natural option, try plain old salt water as it’s a natural disinfectant. If you often have a dry mouth, go for an alcohol-free brand – alcohol can contribute to a dry mouth. If you want whiter teeth, pick a product with peroxide in it. Above all else, make sure to check for the Australian Dental Association’s Seal of Approval. If you see the ADA logo, you’re good to go!

The ADA currently approves the following products:

  • Colgate Savacol Mouth and Throat rinse (Mint, Fresh Mint and Alcohol-Free)
  • Listerine (Coolmint, Freshburst, Mouth Rinse)
  • Listerine Tartar Control Antiseptic
  • Listerine Teeth Defence
  • Listerine Total Care Mouthwash
  • Listerine Total Care Sensitive
  • Coles Mouthwash
  • Dentitex Tartar Control
  • Dentitex Teeth Defence
  • Dentitex Gentle Care Zero
  • Dentitex Ultra Fresh Burst

What’s the best way to use mouthwash?

As for how you should use these products, it’s pretty simple – just swill the mouthwash around your teeth and gums for 30-60 seconds. However, you should not use mouthwash straight after brushing as you’ll wash away the fluoride from your toothpaste. And don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes after you use mouthwash, or you’ll wash away the fluoride in that too!

If you need a little more advice on mouthwash, reach out to Fremantle Dental Care today.

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